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unQuiet Life is an ongoing conversation, delivered as a weekly podcast, about living a contemplative life in Urban America. Come discover the benefits of fostering a quiet inner life in a loud, complex, busy world.

We aren’t experts. We’re just two guys in Chicago on a spiritual journey. Our guide has been Jesus of Nazareth, and contemporary followers of his like Henri Nouwen and Richard Rohr. Regardless of your religious background, we invite you to join us on a spiritual road-trip. We’ve found this part of the path to be largely uncharted by the churches we’ve known, so let’s find something special together.

Lightning AtkinsonLightning Atkinson has been a human for 37 years, a follower of Jesus for 21 years, a sound engineer for 20 years, a husband for 11 years, and a father (twice over) for 6 years. He’s still trying to get the knack of most of these different roles.

He and his wife and twin sons live in Skokie, IL. He works as the Operations Manager for a national audio-visual rental house in Chicago. When he’s not at work, you can find him fixing up his house, canoeing with a friend, cooking with his wife, camping with his family, and writing & editing unQuiet Life.


You can reach Lightning here.


Vince BrackettVince Brackett lives in Chicago with his wife, son, and two housemates. He had his first ever experience of God at 15. He’s been trying to deepen in connection with God ever since by following Jesus, and, today, is slightly less perfectionistic, slightly less of a jerk, and slightly less driven by his white male privilege as a result.

He co-pastors Brown Line Vineyard, a faith community on the Northside of Chicago.


You can reach Vince here.




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