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  • A Quiet Goodbye | 037


    This is the last episode of unQuiet Life. Vince and Lightning shared how they began this podcast and some of the guidelines they have followed to make it less podcasty and more conversational.

    When they began the podcast, Lightning was in the podcast production business. He had clients for whom he was producing three episodes per week…and thus starting and producing his own podcast was not a great burden. However, life is what happens while you are making other plans.

    In the fall, Lightning lost one of those podcasting clients Through a series of conversations, Lightning and his wife decided that Lightning needed to get a full-time job to stabilize the family finances. In January, Lightning started a new position as Operations Manager for the Chicago office of a national audio-visual rental company. This is a role that seems uniquely suited to Lightning’s professional background, but it also requires about 50 hours per week.

    Lightning is no longer able to squeeze the production of unQuiet Life into his working hours, and his free-time has become very limited and valuable. So, Vince and Lightning have made the sad decision to close the podcast. Their hope is that even though the podcast has ended, that the conversation will continue in your community.

    The guys spent a few minutes talking about why it is important to say goodbye–and to do it well. It seems that we humans have difficulty with goodbyes and that we resist relational closure. Is it because it is less painful in the short term to just let a relationship fade away? Is it because having closure creates opportunities for reflection and we’re not sure what we’ll discover? Do we loose anything by just letting friendships slowly slide into the past? Vince and Lightning believe we do loose something when we don’t say goodbye well. The regret that is caused by things left unsaid is like when your ears ring. You don’t notice it during the busy moments of life, but every time you are quiet it is there. It does not go away and it nags you in the quiet moments. Regret prevents true quiet.

    To close the final episode, Vince shared this quote from Meister Eckhart:
    There is nothing so much like God in all the universe as silence. 

    Vince and Lightning would love to hear what unQuiet Life has meant to you, and how you are going to continue the conversation in your own life. Email them, or